Abbreviations and acronyms

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Abbreviations and acronyms
tokamak (rus.) «toroidal’naya kamera s magnitnymi katushkami» (toroidal chamber with magnetic coils)
3IL D Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
XML ITER Interlock Integrity Level
UTC eXtensible Mark-up Language
TCN Universal Time Coordinated
TCS Time Communication Network
STM Test and Conditioning State
SRD Short Term Maintenance
SNMP System Requirements Document
SIL Simple Network Management Protocol
SDN Safety Integrity Level
SDD Synchronous Databus Network
SCC Self-Description Data
SAT Signal Conditioning Cubicle
S-ICD Site Acceptance Test
RO System Interface Control Document
RMS Responsible Officer
RAMI Root Mean Square
QA Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Inspectability
PSS Quality Assurance
PSOS Plant Safety System
PSH Plant System Operating State
PSE Plant System Host
PS Plant System Equipment
POS Plant System
PON Plasma Operation State
PLC Plant Operation Network
PIS Programmable Logic Controller
PIN Plant Interlock System
PFD Plant Interlock Network
PDF Process Flow Diagram
PCI Portable Document Format
PCDH Peripheral Component Interconnect
PBS Plant Control Design Handbook
PA Plant Breakdown Structure
P&ID Procurement Arrangement
OSI Process and Instrumentation Diagram
OS Open Systems Interconnection
OLC Occupational Safety
NTP Operational Limits and Conditions
NS Network Time Protocol
MTTR Nuclear Safety
MQP Mean Time To Recovery
MCR Management and Quality Program
LTM Main Control Room
LPS Long Term Maintenance
LPF Local Programmable Safety
LHS Local Passive saFety
LCC Local Hardwired Safety
LAN Local Control Cubicle
ITER Local Area Network
ISO International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
ISA International Standards Organization
IS International Society of Automation
IO Interface Sheet
IEEE ITER Organization
IEC Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
CSN International Electrotechnical Commission
CSMA/CD International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEA Input / Output
I/O Instrumentation and Control
I&C High Performance Networks
HPN Human-Machine Interface
HMI Global Operating State
GOS Field Programmable Gate Array
FPGA Factory Acceptance Test
FAT Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System
EPICS ElectroMagnetic Compatibility
EMC Electrical Design Handbook
EDH Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System
DOORS Direct Current
DC Data Archiving Network
DAN Domestic Agency
DA Cooling Water System
CWS Central Safety Systems
CSS Central Safety Networks
CPU Central Processing Unit
CPS Coordinated Programmable Safety
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
COS Common Operating State
CODAC COntrol, Data Access and Communication
CIS Central Interlock System
CIN Central Interlock Network
CHD CODAC & Information Technology, Heating & Current Drive, Diagnostics
CBS Control Breakdown Structure
CAD Computer Aided Design
AVN Audio-Video Network
ATEX (fr.) “ATmosphères EXplosibles” (Explosive Atmospheres)
Abbreviations And Acronyms
Abbreviations And Acronyms
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