Audio And Video Symbols

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Audio And Video Symbols

Audio And Video Symbols

Audio And Video Symbols
Phono Cartridge Dynamics Control Low
Turntable Stylus Pause
Stereo Microphone Brightness Control
Carbon Microphone Stop
Electric Carrack Control Color Saturation
Push-Pull Microphone Balance Control
Recording Head Slow Forward Lef
Phono Cartridge Turntable Stylus Multichannel Sound
Drum Head, 3 Heads For Read, Write And Erase Monitor B/N
Magnetic Read Write Head Video Tape Player Black & White
Magnetic Recording Head Color TV Camera
Stereo Phono Cartridge I/O Communication
Stereo Head Phono Cartridge
Magnetic Head Read, Write And Erase Phono Cartridge Piezoelectric
Directional Microphone Tape Recording
Speaker With Grille Divergence Tape Reader
Bright Electric Bell TV Camera B/W
Electric Whistle Color Monitor
Piezzoreproductor / Buzzer Stereophonic Sound
Speaker CRT – Cathode Ray Tube
Musical Bell Quadraphonic Sound
Electric Siren Monaural Sound
Gong Ringing In One Stroke Video Tape Player Color
Electret Microphone Erasing Of Tape
Hearing Aid / Headphone Stereo Headphones
Single Headphones Magnetic Head
Mono Headphones Electric Horn
Interphone Microphone Generic Symbol
Capacitor Microphone Fast Forward To The Right
Headphones Fast Forward To The Left
Tape Player Head Magnetic Reader / Playback
Volume Control Magnetic Erase Head
Slow Forward Right Generic Symbol
Contrast Control Electric Bell
High Control Buzzer
Stereo Tape Player Play / Start
Open / Close Recording


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