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progeCAD is an AutoCAD replacement software that offers a familiar interface minus the monthly subscription costs. It offers most of the functionalities of AutoCAD, including menus and icons and supports similar commands, file formats and menus. Instead of a monthly subscription, the software is available as a perpetual license, allowing users to install it on two computers (users can run the software on one machine at a time, not simultaneously). It comes with free architectural plugin EasyArch, which allows drawing walls, windows, doors and more instead of plain lines, circles and arcs. Users also get free access to AutoCAD-like toolset, while industry standard APIs such as AutoLISP, IRX (similar to ARX, SDS (similar to ADS) and VB for apps help automate tasks.
Overview of progeCAD Benefits

progeCAD user Interface

progeCAD comes with features similar to AutoCAD plus a few more at a fraction of the cost. It works particularly well for users who are looking for an affordable alternative to AutoCAD without missing much on features, user interface and compatibility. It costs significantly less than AutoCAD, delivers a similar interface and user experience and supports similar file formats and commands. The Google Earth interface allows users to easily export models to Google Earth and see their design exactly where they plan to build it. It allows plotting to PDF using color and style tables and printer configuration parameter files from AutoCAD. The software is powered by InteliCAD 8.x, which natively works with DWG files and ensures full compatibility without file conversion.

The software covers a variety of CAD and sketching applications, including concept sketching, CAD field, electrical schematics, construction, civil, structural, AEC architectural, industrial engineering, mechanical and carpentry work and more. The familiar and AutoCAD-like interface with similar menus, icons and commands make the transition easier for users who have previously been using AutoCAD. The supported file formats include AutoCAD Drawings (DGW, 2.5-2015), AutoCAD menus, scripts, AutoLISP routines, Drawing Exchange Format, ADS compatible programs, TrueType and SHP/SHX fonts, Tables for Plotting, Hatch Patterns, Blocks and Linetypes.

The software works on Windows Vista and above and is designed to run fine even on older hardware. progeCAD is available in four different flavors, including Professional, Civil/Survey, BILLD MEP and TABLE for Microsoft Excel.

Overview of progeCAD Features

-AutoCAD-like user interface
-Perpetual license
-EasyArch Addon for drawing walls, windows and doors
-Express tools
-API support
-Google Earth Interface
-PDF plotting using .ctb, .stb and .pcp files
-Works natively with AutoCAD DWG files
-Full compatibility
-3D modeling
-DWG and XREF library managers
-PDF import and print

progeCAD 2020 Profesional

Batteries Dimension