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prohibition sign

prohibition sign design characteristics are governed by regional and international standards. The symbol’s canonical definition comes from the International Organization for Standardization which published ISO 3864-1 in 2002, a revision of a standard first published in 1984. The current version was published in 2011.
no children allowed
no activated mobile phones
do not use for face grinding
do not wear metal-studded footwear
do not spray with water
no pushing
no access for persons with metallic implants
no reaching in
do not alter the state of the switch
do not use this device in a bathtub
shower or water-filled reservoir
do not walk or stand here
do not use this incomplete scaffold
no photography
do not tie knots in rope
do not use this lift for people
do not wear gloves
no access for fork lift trucks and other industrial vehicles
no access for people with active implanted cardiac devices
no thoroughfare
not drinking water
do not extinguish with water
no heavy load
no metallic articles or watches
do not touch
no open flame source and smoking prohibited
do not use lift in the event of fire
no dogs
no sitting
no stepping on surface
general prohibition sign
no smoking
no eating or drinking
do not obstruct


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prohibition sign design characteristics are governed by regional and international...
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