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TurboCAD 2019

TurboCAD Pro Platinum is your Swiss-Army knife CAD solution, offering comprehensive 2D or 3D CAD tools to address any modern drafting and designing team needs from anywhere in the world. It features command line and dynamic input cursor, professional part tree than can undo or redo all your design operations.
It allows you to generate photorealistic rendering, materials and lighting to create powerful presentations. It also gives you dozens of productivity tools like PDF underlays and ePack which comes with New Intelligent File Send. For collaboration, it offers 40 industry standard CAD and graphic file formats to share your work.

TurboCAD 2019 sample drawing

Turbo Professional is a robust CAD platform that addresses a wide array of design and modeling needs without compromising simplicity. The application is of great use to the automotive, aerospace, electrical engineering, AEC, and civil engineering industries. It’s ease of use and ability to meet virtually any 2D/3D drafting, and modeling need (simulation, modeling, documentation, analysis, and more) make it a proficient CAD system. The solution can be programmed with software development kit or Ruby Scripting to come up with custom features, routines, and more.
TurboCAD employs a large selection of line, arc, curve, spline tools, and other expected tools, so that no matter the situation you’ve got access to the right tool for the job. When used with TurboCAD® snaps, modification tools, and drawing aids you will be able to quickly draft and document your designs
There’s an advanced handle-based editing that allows you to save time and draw more accurately, more quickly. TurboCAD not only provides handles for scaling, but also for rotating, moving and aligning objects. Plus, the totally flexible design of the Conceptual Selector allows users to customize any visual and editing parameters available in the application (eg. move, scale, or rotate).
Among its architectural features, there’s the automatic wall openings wherein “slide” doors, windows, arches or any shape to create “openings” in walls with linked 2D and 3D views. It even sets vertical alignment properties. Dimensions display as doors and windows are inserted, showing the distance to and from the wall ends for easier, more precise placement. Plus, corresponding offset fields display in the Inspector Bar.
Overview of TurboCAD Professional Features
-Complete 2D/3D Design Tools for drafting, modeling, modifying, dimensioning and annotation.
-AutoCAD® 2018-like 2D drafting interface option with command line and dynamic input cursor.
-Over 40 industry standard CAD & graphic file formats supported to share your work.
-Surface Modeling Tools like 2D/3D Booleans, extrude, revolve, sweeps, & more.
-Setup wizards, handle-based editing, contextualized help, alignment aids, snaps
-ACIS® 3D Solid Modeling and Advanced Mechanical Design tools to create complex 3D objects.
-Professional Part Tree that can act like a selective Undo/Redo for all your 2D/3D operations.
-Powerful Drafting Palette that creates associative sections and cut planes.
-Advanced Architectural Tools including a greater range of parametric architectural objects, style manager, and IFC support.
-Superior Photorealistic Rendering, materials, and lighting to create powerful presentations.
-Dozens of Productivity Tools such as PDF underlay and ePack with New Intelligent File Send.
-2D Geometric and Dimension Constraints.
-Database Connectivity with Customizable Reporting.
-Point Cloud Support.
-Programmable with Ruby Scripting or Software
-Development Kit to create routines, features, & more.
-New Import of TurboApp files from mobile devices.