Weld Neck Flange ASME B16.5 Class 2500

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weld neck flange 2 Inch Class 2500
weld neck flange 2 Inch Class 2500

Weld Neck Flange ASME B16.5 Class 2500

The Drawing Following Data ASME B16.5 Standard Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings

ASME B16.5 – 2009
Pipe Flanges and Flanged fittings: 1/2″ through 24″ NPS.
This Standard covers pressure-temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, testing, and methods of designating openings for pipe flanges and flanged fittings.
Raised Face Flanges (RF):
RF flanges seal with a flat gasket designed for installation between the raised faces of two mating flanges (both with raised faces). The raised faces have a prescribed texture to increase their gripping and retaining force on this flat gasket. Some users of raised face flanges specify the use of spiral wound gaskets.

Weld Neck Flange 0 1-2 Inch Class 250038.0 KiB191
Weld Neck Flange 0+3-4 Inch Class 250020.5 KiB203
Weld Neck Flange 1 Inch Class 250020.3 KiB185
Weld Neck Flange 1+1-2 Inch Class 250020.4 KiB169
Weld Neck Flange 1+1-4 Inch Class 250020.5 KiB219
Weld Neck Flange 10 Inch Class 250020.5 KiB197
Weld Neck Flange 12 Inch Class 250020.4 KiB165
Weld Neck Flange 2 Inch Class 250020.5 KiB182
Weld Neck Flange 2+1-2 Inch Class 250020.5 KiB183
Weld Neck Flange 3 Inch Class 250020.5 KiB171
Weld Neck Flange 4 Inch Class 250020.4 KiB191
Weld Neck Flange 5 Inch Class 250020.5 KiB173
Weld Neck Flange 6 Inch Class 250020.4 KiB180
Weld Neck Flange 8 Inch Class 250020.4 KiB173

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