Wide Flange United Kingdom (UB) CAD Blocks

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Wide Flange United Kingdom (UB) In dwg file format for AutoCAD and other 2D Software
Wide Flange United Kingdom (UB) In dwg file format for AutoCAD and other 2D Software

Universal Beam

Wide Flange United Kingdom (UB) In dwg file format for AutoCAD and other 2D Software
The Drawing Wide Flange United Kingdom Universal Beam Design base On Standard
EN 10025: 2004 is the new European standard for structural steel.
History of the Standard
The European Committee for Iron and Steel Standardisation is responsible for producing the European Standards (ENs) for structural steels. The first of these standards, EN 10025, was published in the UK by BSI as EN10025: 1990, partly superceeding BS 4360: 1986, which was re-issued as BS 4360: 1990. In 1993, a second edition of EN 10025 was made available together with EN10113: parts 1,2 & 3 and EN 10155. In June 1994, EN 10210: part 1 was published and at the same time BS4360 was offically withdrawn. The balance of the BS 4360 steels not affected by these ENs were re-issued in new British Standards BS 7613 and BS 7668. In 1996, with the publication of EN 10137, BS 7613 was withdrawn. BS 7668 will remain until an EN for atmospheric corrosion resistant hollow sections is available.
In 2004 the stand EN 10025 was revised to address the provisions of EU Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC). It is now published in six parts to bring together almost all the ‘Structural Mettallic Products’ into one comprehensive standard.

UB203X133X2533.7 KiB624
UB203X133X3034.2 KiB404
UB254X102X2234.2 KiB381
UB254X102X2534.0 KiB343
UB254X102X2834.2 KiB330
UB254X146X3134.2 KiB396
UB254X146X3734.2 KiB355
UB254X146X4334.2 KiB354
UB305X102X2534.0 KiB356
UB305X102X2833.7 KiB371
UB305X102X3334.2 KiB352
UB305X127X3733.7 KiB327
UB305X127X4234.2 KiB300
UB305X127X4834.0 KiB318
UB305X165X4034.0 KiB376
UB305X165X4634.0 KiB329
UB305X165X5434.2 KiB323
UB356X127X3334.2 KiB346
UB356X127X3934.0 KiB303
UB356X171X4534.0 KiB318
UB356X171X5134.0 KiB307
UB356X171X5733.7 KiB310
UB356X171X6733.7 KiB326
UB406X140X3934.2 KiB338
UB406X140X4634.0 KiB322
UB406X178X5434.2 KiB320
UB406X178X6034.2 KiB289
UB406X178X6734.5 KiB321
UB406X178X7434.0 KiB318
UB457X152X5234.5 KiB304
UB457X152X6034.2 KiB301
UB457X152X6734.2 KiB308
UB457X152X7434.2 KiB302
UB457X152X8234.0 KiB293
UB457X191X6734.2 KiB337
UB457X191X7433.7 KiB300
UB457X191X8234.0 KiB292
UB457X191X8934.2 KiB295
UB457X191X9834.2 KiB286
UB533X210X10134.2 KiB327
UB533X210X10934.0 KiB289
UB533X210X12234.0 KiB321
UB533X210X8233.7 KiB333
UB533X210X9234.0 KiB297
UB610X229X10134.0 KiB309
UB610X229X11333.7 KiB322
UB610X229X12534.0 KiB319
UB610X229X14034.5 KiB304
UB610X305X14934.0 KiB318
UB610X305X17934.0 KiB302
UB610X305X23834.0 KiB316
UB686X254X12533.7 KiB326
UB686X254X14034.2 KiB315
UB686X254X15233.7 KiB286
UB686X254X17034.0 KiB308
UB762X267X14733.7 KiB291
UB762X267X17333.7 KiB311
UB762X267X19734.0 KiB317
UB838X292X17633.7 KiB294
UB838X292X19434.0 KiB334
UB838X292X22634.0 KiB298
UB914X305X20134.2 KiB283
UB914X305X22434.0 KiB295
UB914X305X25333.7 KiB315
UB914X305X28933.7 KiB284
UB914X419X34334.2 KiB273
UB914X419X38834.2 KiB295